About Veneer Tree Service

Veneer Tree Service is an independent tree removal company with decades of experience delivering expert aid to customers in need. Our tight-knit team of four works hard and fast to get the job done right. Based in Newbury, Ohio, we serve Northeast Ohio cities including Chagrin Falls, Gates Mills, Chesterland, Avon, and many more. If you’re an Ohio resident or business owner requiring tree trimming, pruning, removal, lot clearing, or another expert service, we’re here to help.

About Mark Gamiere, Veneer Tree Service Founder

Mark Gamiere founded Veneer Tree Service in 1986 and has committed his life to serving communities with expert tree removal aid. For more than twenty years, he has been involved in disaster relief from the east to the west of the United States. Mark supported tree removal in unfortunate areas of ravaged forest fires within California and has been to almost all major hurricanes that have swept through the East Coast and Midwest in the past two decades.

Mark is an Ohio native through and through and he is dedicated to ensuring the job is done perfectly. When you require swift, professional tree removal, you can count on Mark and his team to serve your needs and finish the job efficiently and expertly every time.

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Do you have tree removal needs that need to be met promptly and professionally? We’re here and happy to help. We’ve served more than 12,000 customers with expert tree removal, and we’re excited to serve your needs too.

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